Cologne, January, 19-25, 2015


Designed to Seduce: the Glööckler Deux collection by Marburg Wallcoverings


“My home is my castle,” as they say and with the new wallpaper collection in association with marburg wallcoverings, Harald Glööckler wants to entice us in to his castle, in the most luxurious way possible! In eclectic style, Glööckler, the master of extravagance, demonstrates how everyday items can still be impressively designed.

Création Baumann: Fabrics promote healing


Health and its preservation plays an important part within today’s society. Health as a subject is ever present and affects everybody individually. Under the influence of changing demographics, changed perception of health and medical progress, this will be further accentuated in the future. Because prevention is better than cure, prevention is also gaining in importance. Simultaneously, growing prosperity in many countries has resulted in an increased demand for health care.

Handmade in Germany – an International Touring Exhibition of German Manufactories


On 19th September 2014 it’s “Cast off!” for the International Exhibition Tour “Handmade in Germany”. The design exhibition of 100 important German manufacturers is starting its 15-station world tour. On board are also some companies of the furniture industry.

Luxury’s New Elegance


The design world beyond the “less is more” doctrine is stylish, self-confident and successful. Luxury brands are demonstrating what the interiors sector is capable of when furniture is allowed to display an abundance of forms, upmarket materials and details.

Interview Dick Spierenburg: “All-round architects are coming back on the scene.”


Part of the principle behind the imm cologne design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is that a new designer is invited to make his or her mark on the interior design platform every year. For the 2015 edition of the project, the Cologne trade fair has brought the Shanghai-based Neri&Hu Design and Research Office on board. Although not widely known in Europe yet, the two architects are one of the hottest creative teams in the world right now – and the imm cologne is bringing them to Germany. In our interview, the imm cologne’s Creative Director Dick Spierenburg explains the background to this development.

Häfele Collaboration: Intelligent design meets traditional workmanship


With the MeisterMöbel programme, Häfele offers its partners in craft a platform to present their range of products and services and establish direct contact with their clients. In addition, as a confirmed source of inspiration and ideas, the Nagold-based company makes the necessary CAD planning data available to its partners. In collaboration with designers, Häfele, the fitting specialists, inspire creative design and intelligent functionality for unique creations which can then be produced by the MeisterMöbel craftsmen and women on behalf of their clients.

Lounge Chair Atelier:
Produced before your eyes!


“Why don’t we create a contemporary version of the old English club chair?” wondered Charles Eames in the 1950s, his question heralding the evolution of the now renowned lounge chair. The chair’s construction, its every tiny detail thoroughly thought through, unite the traditional and the modern in one balanced design. On the Vitra Campus, clients can now follow each step of the construction of this furniture classic.

Trend: Quality Through Craftsmanship


Craftsmanship is a tradition. And one that seems to be particularly prevalent in the furniture-making sector – probably because many of today’s medium-sized enterprises have evolved from small cabinetmaker’s workshops. And even large-scale companies rely – at least in part – on a blend of industrial manufacturing and hand-crafted production. Especially when it comes to customising what is actually machine-made furniture. Companies are keen to woo customers with attributes like “artisanal workmanship”, “traditional craftsmanship” or “producers of fine hand-made furniture”. Such phrases are intended to confer special quality on the products and a special standard of quality on the companies. We show where craftsmanship is still very much a hands-on undertaking.

Silento by Ruckstuhl:
Acoustic assistance for the office


We spend eight hours a day, five days a week, forty-five weeks of the year in the office, for around forty years. That is approximately 72,000 hours. Surely, the least we can ask for is a little peace and quiet every now and then?

Walter Knoll returns to Weißenhof


Trail-blazing, back then and today: The Stuttgart Weißenhofsiedlung is an icon to Modernism. In 1927, master architects, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius among them, turned their visions for modern building and living into reality for the Werkbund exhibition “Die Wohnung” (The Housing). Architect and engineer Professor Werner Sobek is following in their footsteps with an international first – the B10 Active House. And Walter Knoll is contributing to furnishing the project today, just as in 1927.

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