Cologne, January, 19-25, 2015


KFF: Hanseatic Hospitality right on the Isebek canal


With the opening of NOAS on Isekai 1 at the beginning of the year, Stephan Kolba has added another venue to Hamburg’s restaurant scene. The gastronome brought renowned experts on board to help him turn his idea into a reality. Tom Dixon developed the lighting concept, Steffen Thauer of STLH Architekten worked with Gärtner on the interior design and the comfort of the seating was guaranteed by design label KFF. more…

65 Years of String System: Icon of Scandinavian Design Celebrates its Birthday


The idea for the String System came to Swedish designer Nisse Strinning 65 years ago “in a very secret, small room where one would rather be alone and philosophize”. He never could have imagined back then sitting on the john that his idea to construct a modular shelf system, consisting of shelves that were held together by two ladder-like side pieces made of steel, would be such a stroke of genius. more…

A New Addition to the PRO Family: Armchair enhances Flötotto’s Furniture Collection


Flötotto’s chair collection PRO has developed into a story all its own. Its newest addition is the inviting PRO armchair, which stands to conquer new territory in its range of use. The plastic shell includes integrated armrests which surround the person using the chair and guarantee a high level of comfort. The armchair will initially be offered in two different versions: a newly designed, four-legged wooden base or a four-legged aluminium base.

Deep Space by Brühl:
three seats and a container


The sofa collection Deep Space by Brühl offers numerous opportunities to set individual accents. This sofa combines in a playful manner leather or structured fabric covers with elements in solid walnut and storage tables covered in copper.

imm cologne has invited Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu to design “Das Haus 2015”


The imm cologne brings the China-based Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, one of the most influential creative teams in the world, to Germany. After the unique interpretation by the Danish designer Louise Campbell, characterised by a romantic purism, the Shanghai-based architects Neri&Hu will write the next chapter and lend a completely new and exciting perspective to the design format of “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”.

The world at home: Brazil – Part 2
O Jeitinho Brasileiro – The Brazilian Way.


O jeitinho brasileiro – this phrase captures Brazilians’ approach to life in a nutshell: their talent for improvisation, their spontaneity and flexibility when it comes to dealing with day-to-day problems and, above all, their warmth and joie de vivre.

The World at Home: Brazil – Part 1
Tudo bom? Tudo bem – everything’s fine!


This friendly greeting – accompanied by a smile – is how Brazil welcomes its visitors. It comes straight from the heart and epitomises the Brazilians’ ubiquitous joie de vivre and legendary hospitality.

A Peek behind the Curtain:
How Fischbacher produces Furore


A soft-floating drape, elaborate designs, at home in traditional as well as modern interiors: the new “Furore” fabric from Fischbacher attracts the right kind of attention in every kind of environment. A look behind the scenes at the production process reveals just how much effort is required to create this beautiful drapery.

Weishäupl: a classic turns 40!


Whether you’re on the roof terrace of the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, at the Hotel J in Stockholm, at the cafes of the Côte D’Azur or in your neighbour’s garden, umbrellas cast a welcome and decorative shade over gardens and terraces and create a cool and colourful atmosphere. The way we enjoy the outdoors today was significantly influenced by the vision of a young entrepreneur from Bavaria, forty years ago.

Normann Copenhagen:
Furniture for a new era


Classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That’s one way of describing the new range of lounge chairs designed by the Danish designer, Simon Legald, for Normann Copenhagen. The design is well proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary. Era wants to combine modern production techniques with traditional furniture craftsmanship in a timeless and characterful design.

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