Cologne, January, 19-25, 2015


Interior Innovation Award 2015:
Last chance to register


With imm cologne as conceptual sponsor and the German Design Council as organiser, the annual Interior Innovation Award is being held for the thirteenth time. The competition is one of the most prestigious in the interior design industry worldwide and addresses companies in all product segments in this industry. Registration for the competition is possible until 7th November.

Textile manufacturers to display a markedly colourful ambience.


Here it’s all about textures, colours and patterns. Every two years Pure Textile is a hot spot for trend scouts at imm cologne. For where else can the influences from the trend-oriented fashion world be more clearly demonstrated than among the developers of the fabrics with which rooms and furniture are lined or dressed?

Profile Neri & Hu:
Detecting the future by recollecting the past


Neri & Hu design and research office (NHRDO) is an interdisciplinary studio for architecture, product design, interior design and graphic design based in Shanghai. Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the office operates worldwide. The creative dynamic and the growth of the city are reflected in the productivity, the objectives and the flat hierarchies of the 100-strong team at NHRDO. The office has long since expanded beyond mere architecture and deals with the whole spectrum of design requirements of Human-Product-Architecture-City. Perhaps that is also why Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are among the most influential forces in Chinese design today.

Axor Universal Accessories:
the Aesthetics of Order


Modular, multifunctional and universally usable: with the Universal Accessories range, Axor is offering its first cross-collection system of complementary items. The range consists of various rails, shelf elements and holders that can either be used individually or as an integrated system for the bathroom and, in some cases, the kitchen. Hansgrohe developed the series for Axor together with architect and designer Antonio Citterio.

Interview with Lyndon Neri: “We want to bring back the Renaissance.”


Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the founders of Neri&Hu Design and Research Office in Shanghai, are designing the 2015 edition of the ‘Das Haus – Interiors on Stage’, the living space at imm cologne, the international interiors show in Cologne. Lyndon Neri explains the idea behind the design entitled ‘Memory Lane’. His lucid stance makes it clear why Neri&Hu meanwhile rank both in Shanghai and worldwide among the most interesting and multi-faceted architects who know how to combine design and architecture and the old and new in a useful way.

Hand crafted for wall and floor:
A piece of uniqueness


Carpets, wall hangings and fabrics: in the broad field of interior design they stand for a comfortable ambience. With them, we can quickly create colourful accents, embellish bare walls or add a touch of warmth to a stone floor.

“Das Haus” 2015 – Encountering
Past and Future


In 2015, “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” actually turns into a stage – a setting-like structure of spacious interiors and “housing cages” of various sizes that are supposed to question our conception of the home. The design of the architects Neri & Hu laid out in two stories for the first time in the series of “Das Haus”, promises innovative approaches to the concept of living space both on an aesthetic and a philosophical level.

Louise Campbell’s “Das Haus” 2014
gets a new home


During imm cologne 2014, it was already quite clear that the “Das Haus” format would be recycled. The installation is to find a new home on a youth camp located on a farm. This means that the 2014 edition of “Das Haus” is the first which will not be destroyed once imm cologne has closed its gates. Now the installation has arrived at its new destination.

Pure Textile: Textile Design Meets Furniture at the imm cologne 2015


What makes a sofa into a trendy eye-catcher? What adds warmth to a room? Textiles for furniture, upholstery, walls and windows belong to living like clothes to the skin. They form the surfaces and appeal to the senses. With Pure Textile every two years they get their own stage, which is designed to highlight their significance for trends in the furnishing sector.

Designed to Seduce: the Glööckler Deux collection by Marburg Wallcoverings


“My home is my castle,” as they say and with the new wallpaper collection in association with marburg wallcoverings, Harald Glööckler wants to entice us in to his castle, in the most luxurious way possible! In eclectic style, Glööckler, the master of extravagance, demonstrates how everyday items can still be impressively designed.

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